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We Are Touchless Toast

In 2020, as a nurse traveling during the pandemic, I was lonely and isolated from the world. The days were long and quiet, with no one saying much and no one to talk to. I was able to see a disconnect with people as a society. As the nation quarantined and sheltered in place. We as a society of families, friends and people in general, grow further apart. I witnessed individuals not physically touch a person for a year.


How, are we suppose to feel connected, when as a nation we forgot about each other. Suddenly there was no Birthday Celebrations, we were introduced to zoom; with virtual weddings and graduations. No baby showers, house warmings or parties. Then I remembered this is how I once felt being so far away from my family.


Sometimes I felt forgotten about, then there would be the awesome text, or cash app with the word lunch attached to it, that would remind me they remembered me. However, nothing put a bigger smile on my face, then when I would get a surprise gift from sister. Somehow, she would convince my friends to go get a gift for me and sit it on my front porch or desk at work! Then all those feelings of joy would flood my heart, seeing a gift there for me unexpectedly but so beautifully gift wrapped.


Then, one day it came to me, everyone, should be able to experience this feeling of joy.

And so it was Touchless Toast™ was formed.


From Anniversaries to Just Because!

Special Event, Happy Birthday or Simple Thank You
Touchless Toast™ is the app for you!

We will pickup your purchased gift from a local retailer.

Have your gift bagged or wrapped, hand delivered or shipped, to your event or persons of choice. 

Touchless Toast can deliver for
any event or occasion!

From a bouquet of roses from your local retailer for your sweet heart or a flat screen TV for his new man cave!

Touchless Toast is here to help no one be forgotten about on their special day!

Don't worry about running around the last minute for gift bags and cards.

Let us do it for you. Your busy and life happenings faster sometimes than we can keep up with. You are more than a text, post, cash app or gift card.

So relax, once you have purchased your gift from a local retailer,

let Touchless Toast take it from there. 

We just love creating smiles!
- The Toast Factory


"The build-your-own gift box that’s super easy to give and ridiculously fun to get."

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